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Angeline Jasmin Beauty!


Get glammed for your big day without worrying about bad photos, runny mascara or oily faces!


When you walk down the aisle or show up for an important event, you want to look and feel your absolute best!


Thats what brought you here and you are Definitely in the Right Place!  

We have been servicing brides for over 10 years and we care about your wants, needs and making you feel appreciated and valued! 

My team and I provide Elite Professional Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling services.  

We take great pride and strides to ensure our clients have the best experience and service and that you look and feel your best, we treat every client like we would want to be treated and take great strides to ensure you feel beautiful and cared for.


We care about you and your needs and follow strict hygienic and sanitation protocols.  

We also use high quality luxury and professional products to ensure your look stays for your whole event with little to no touchups.

Are you stressed out, thinking about if everything is going to run smoothly on your big day or special event?  

Been there, I totally feel you!  

I remember feeling so overwhelmed on my big day and I didn't want to do my own hair or makeup because I wanted to feel special on my day, lets just say I was so stressed out!  


I was so glad to have finally had a professional elite makeup artist who is a dear friend from my hometown of NYC come down and do my makeup and a professional hairstylist style my hair!  


I was so stressed thinking about everything since I planned and catered my own wedding but I didn't want to add more stress to my plate by tackling on my own hair and makeup or going with someone cheap because I knew a cheaper artist was going to have low end products and more than likely very little experience, most likely flake and probably doesn't follow proper sanitation protocols!


I knew the most important thing was to look great because my pictures would last a lifetime and no one ever remembers your decor, your florals, none of it, they remember what YOU look like!


I told myself I was not going to let the stress get to me and so I didn't skimp on my glam squad!  


I was NOT disappointed, and when I look back I'm so glad I didn't wait last minute for my booking and had a glam squad that was amazing, experienced, extremely professional and talented! 

This was a huge relief for me and I want to give you that same experience, an experience that makes you feel valued, cared for and pampered with the best makeup and hair services!

I am excited to announce


I will do your glam on your wedding day, and then follow you around to ensure you look flawless the whole day long!

I will be there for any cries, touch-ups, makeup changes and anything in between!

But, spaces for 2022 are filling up quickly!

If you'd like to book me then please text me at: (469 )389-0237‬ or email me at: 

or Fill out our Contact Form!

We look forward to Servicing you!

***Please Note for On-site Services we require a Minimum of 5 clients per service type (5 or more for makeup and or 5 or more for hairstyling) or the monetary equivalent!***

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